Vacuum Pump Oil , Grade S100, Synthetic, Oil

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A premium quality Rotary Vacuum Pump Oil:  SV-77 (synthetic). SV-77, next-gen mechanical/roughing/rotary vacuum oil has received outstanding response from the vacuum industry owing to its excellent properties as compared to other mineral oil based competitive products in the market.

SV-77 Equivalent to other same category with other vacuum pump oil.


LVO 210

LVO 200

LVO 240

LVO 260

S 100

LVO 310

Molycoat L-1668FG

MD 505

Eurolube A-6, BV-4

Features and Benefits:

1. Triple distilled through molecular distillation process

2. Transparent, almost water-white in color – SV-77 has no carbon, sulphur or other volatile impurities that can harm the pump. Its color clarity says itall.

3. Does not contain artificial additives, aromatic compounds or unsaturated double carbon  bonds. These harmful substances separate from the base oil under extreme working conditions and stick to the pump interiors as gummy substances thereby stalling the pump. Users need not worry about any such harmful effects when usingSV-77.

4. Down time of pump is very low as oil has very low level ofimpurities.

5. Low vaporpressure

6. Excellent Vacuum Level- Ultimate vacuum of 6×10-4 Torr.

7. Chemically inert – SV-77 shows excellent resistance to oxidation and reaction with process gases.

8. High Viscosity Index- SV-77 maintains excellent thermal stability between minus 15°C to300°C due to its high viscosityindex.

9. High Thermal Stability- works wonderfully even in extreme operatingtemperatures.

10. Excellent lubricating properties – maximizes pumpdurability.

11. Very Long ShelfLife.

12. Suitable for mechanical/rotary pumps of all makes and models around the world.

13. Comes in packing of 5 lt., 20 lt. and 210lt.




Ultimate Vacuum

 6×10-4 Torr

 Vapor Pressure at 25°C

 3×10-4 Torr

 Resistance to Oxidation



Triple Distilled Synthetic Oil

(Carbon) (Sulfur) & other Impurities


Flash Point


Viscosity at 40°C



Water White


(20 ltrs.)(210 ltrs.)


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